Indiana Hossain and Floods Hi resFaisal Hossain

PhD University of Connecticut, 2004
M.Eng National University of Singapore, 1999
B.S. Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi, 1996

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Pritam Das

Pursuing PhD on “Improving Reservoir Operations with Ecosystem-sensitive protocols for the Mekong River”

M.Tech (Integrated 5-year) Indian Institute of Technology- Roorkee 2020

Indira Bose

Pursuing MS on “Making Smart Irrigation Smarter for Asian Agricultural Systems”

B.S. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2017

Carina Thompson

Pursuing PhD on “Sustainable Livelihoods of Future Rivers”

B.S University of Massachussetts 2020

Shahryar Ahmad

Pursuing PhD “Weather Forecast-informed Hydropower Operations”

M.S. University of Washington, 2017
B.S. Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, 2016

Nishan Biswas

Pursuing PhD on “Improving Global Access to Value-added Earth Observations and Models for 21st Century Water Management Challenges”

M.S University of Washington – 2017
B.S. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology – 2013

Hisham Eldardiry

Pursuing PhD on “Water Management Applications in Nile River Basin”

M.S. University of Louisiana, Lafayette, 2014
B.S. Alexandria University, Egypt, 2010

Claire Beveridge

PhD on “Application-oriented approaches to modeling & satellite-based monitoring of watershed sediment dynamics

B.S. University of California, Berkeley 2012

Past Members – SASWE Alumni

Xiaodong Chen

PhD on “Probable Maximum Precipitation in a Changing Climate ”

PhD. University of Washington, 2017

Now at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, USA.

Matthew Bonnema

PhD on “Understanding the Impacts of Reservoirs in Developing Regions using Satellite Remote Sensing”

PhD. University of Washington, 2019
Now employed at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Kensey Daly
MS on “Recent Warming of the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia: Implications for one of the World’s Most Productive Inland Fisheries”
M.S University of Washington, 2019
Now at Jacobs Engineering Group

Laura Inha

Valle Program PhD Exchange Scholar on “Targeting actions and resources to achieve more resilient water services”

PhD, Tampere University of Technology, Finland.

Valle Scholarship Awardee 2017-2018

Safat Sikder

PhD on “Advancing Precipitation and Transboundary Flood Forecasting in Monsoon Climates for Operational Agencies”

PhD. University of Washington, 2017
NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Awardee -2016

Now at Kansas State University

Asif Mahmood

B.S. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2013

Mehedi Maswood

MS on “Space-borne Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers at Continental Scales” – 2015.

Now at Woolacutts Engineers, Sydney, Australia

Bikram Zoowa

Operationalizing satellite-based water management for Nepal Government – 2016

Now at Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Nepal

Naveed Iqbal

Operationalizing satellite-based water management for Pakistan Government – 2016

PhD. University of Quaid-E-Azam, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2016

Now at Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources, Pakistan

Wondmagegn Yazea

PhD on “Climate-friendly Dam Design and Operations in the 21st Century.”
M.S. University of Stuttgart, 2009.
NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Awardee -2013
Now at University of Houston, USA

   Abel Tadesse Woldemichael

PhD on “Land-atmosphere Modeling of Artificial Reservoirs to Understand the impact on Extreme Precipitation”

M.S. Arba Minch University, Ethiopia, 2008

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Awardee -2012

Adam Stratz

M.S (fast-track) on “PMP Estimation for Large Dams Under Climate Change” 2014. Now at US Department of Energy.

B.S. Tennessee Technological University, USA. 2013

Now at Department of Energy (Nuclear Forensics)

Abebe Sine Gebregiorgis

PhD – Graduated Summer 2013. Thesis title: “Hydrologically-optimal Merging of High Resolution Satellite Precipitation Products.”

NASA Earth and Space Fellowship Awardee-2013

Now Chief Flood Modeler, Harris County Flood District, Houston Texas

Ahmed Mohamed Degu

PhD – Graduated Summer 2013. Thesis title: “A Comprehensive Observational Study on the Impact of Artificial Reservoirs on Local Hydroclimatology.”

M.S. Indian Institute of Technology, 2006

Now at Mekelle University, Ethiopia

 Ling Tang

PhD – Graduated Summer 2011. “Transfer of Uncertainty of Space-borne high Resolution Rainfall Products at Ungauged Regions.”

M.S. Wuhan University, China 2007
NASA Earth and Space Fellowship Awardee

Now at ESRI Inc. USA


M.S (Joint program between Institute of Water Modeling Bangladesh and TTU) on “Surface Water and Ocean Topography Mission for Water Management in Bangladesh.”

Graduated Fall 2010

Caitlin Balthrop Moffit

M.S. (Fast-track) – 2010 “Validation of the NASA Global Flood Detection System over Bangladesh”

Graduated Spring 2010 – Currently Assistant Professor of Engineering at Chattanooga State College, TN.

    Dr. Indu Jeyachandran

Post Doctoral Associate- (Jan 2009-May 2009)”Coupled Land-Atmospheric Modeling of Large River Basins to Predict Alteration to Low-Frequency Precipitation by Man-Made Water Projects”

PhD, University of Utah – 2008.

Robby Florence

Summer Internship (EDF Funded Project) on “Development of STEVE 2.0 for Stochastic Theory Education in the Classroom”

B.S. Tennessee Technological University, 2008
Pursued MS at UNC Chapell Hill

Matthew Boynton

MS on “Improving Engineering Education in Rural Counties through Hydrological Risk Analysis”

B.S. Tennessee Technological University, 2005.
Graduated Summer 2009.
Now pursuing PhD in Engineering Education at Virginia Tech

Mohammed Kibria Chowdhury

MS on “Physically-based spatial mapping of arsenic contamination using artificial neural networks and chaos theory”

B.S. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh, 2006

Ivanhoe Fellowship Awardee
Graduated Spring 2009

Nitin Katiyar

B.Tech – Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, 2004.
Thesis Topic:  Hydrologic Modeling Framework for Rapid Prototyping of GPM-based Flood Forecasting in International River Basins.

Graduated Summer 2007

At HDR Inc. as Professional Associate

Amanda Harris

B.Eng – Tennessee Technological University, USA, 2005
Thesis Topic: Investigating Optimal Configuration of Hydrologic Models during Data Denial Situations Using Satellite Rainfall Data.

Graduated Spring 2007

Working at US Army Corps of Engineers at Nashville.

Preethi Raj

B.Eng – Visveswaraih Technological University, Bangalore, India, 2005

Graduated Spring 2007 – Adjunct Faculty at Nashville Tech 2008-2009.

Thesis Topic: Error Budget Analyses of Hydrologic Models using Satellite Rainfall Data.


Jonathan Schwenk

B.S – Tennessee Technological University, 2007

Undegraduate Research: National Survey of Course Curriculum on Stochastic Theory for Water Resources Engineering.
NSF Graduate Fellowship Awardee – 2010-2013