CEE3420 Schedule

Approximate schedule for:


Book Notations:
CA – Computer Applications in Hydraulic Engineering
HH – Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems
Note – Schedule is approximate except for the order of topics covered.

Basic Concepts and Principles
1st Week (Reading Material: Chapter 1 of CA Book)

  • Introduction to Course. Course Description, Objectives and format. Introduction to the Hydrologic Cycle.
  • Refreshing Basic Principle on Hydraulics (Chapter 1 of CA). Assign HW#1 (On Ch-1 of CA)

Basic Concepts and Principles
2nd Week (Reading Material: Chapter 2 of CA Book)

  • Refreshing Basic Principles on Hydrology (Chapter 2 of CA).
  • Complete Principles on Hydraulics and Hydrology. Assign HW#2 (On Ch-2 of CA). Collect HW#1

Water Demand and Availability
3rd Week (Reading Material: Chapters 1 of HH)

  • Quiz#1; Estimating Demand of Water (Ch-1 of HH)
  • Estimating Water Availability (Ch-2 of HH). Assign HW#3 (on Ch-1 and 2 of HH). Collect HW#2

Water Demand and Availability
4th Week (Reading Material: Chapter 2 of HH)

  • NO CLASS (Conference Leave)
  • NO CLASS (Conference Leave)

Storage and Control Structures
5th Week – (Reading Material: Chapter 9 of HH)

  • Quiz#2; Introduction to Storage and Control Structures (Ch-9 of HH)
  • Complete Storage and Control Structures (Ch-9 of HH). Assign HW#4 (On Ch-9 of HH). Collect HW#3

Open Channel Flow
6th Week – (Reading Material: Chapter 10 of HH)

  • Introduction to Open Channel Flow (critical, uniform and non-uniform flow).
  • Complete Open Channel Flow. Design of Rigid and Loose boundary channels. Assign HW#5 (on Ch 10 of HH). Collect HW#4.

7th Week

  • Review for Exam#1.
  • Exam#1 (Mid-term 1). Syllabus (Upto Open Channel Flow)

Design of Culverts: Culvert Hydraulics
8th Week – (Reading Material: Ch-4 of CA)

  • Introduction to Culvert Hydraulics (Ch-4 of CA) and CulvertMaster. Collect HW#5
  • Complete CulvertMaster and Ch-4 of CA Book. Assign HW#6 (Design Problem on Culvert using CulvertMaster)

Pressure Flow Systems: Pipes and Pumps
9th Week – (Reading Material: Chapter 11 of HH)

  • Quiz#3; Introduction to Pressure flow systems (closed conduit pipe flow and pumps). Collect HW#6
  • Continue Pressure Flow Systems. Assign HW#7 (on Ch-11 of HH).

Design of Pumps and Pipe Network Analysis
10th Week. (Reading Material: Chapter 6 of CA)

  • Pipe Network Analysis (Ch-6 of CA). Introduction to WaterCAD
  • Assign HW#8 (Design Problem on Pumps and Network Analysis – Ch-6 of CA).

Estimating Peak Flow and Storm Sewer Design
11th Week (Reading Material Chapter 13 of HH; and Ch-3 of CA)

  • Quiz#4; Introduction to Rational Method and NRCS Method (Ch 13 of HH)
  • Introduction to Storm Sewer Design problems and FlowMaster and StormCAD (Ch-3 of CA). Assign HW#9 (Design Problem on Stormsewer design using StormCAD of Ch 3 in CA). Collect HW#8.

12th Week

  • Review for Exam#2
  • Exam#2 (Syllabus- Culverts, Pipes, Pumps and Stormsewer systems)

Flow Routing Through Hydraulic Systems
13th Week (Reading Material: Ch-12 of HH)

  • Introduction to Flow through Hydraulic Systems (Ch-12 of HH).
  • Complete Ch-12 of HH. Assign HW#10

14th Week

  • Make-up. (Design of Pumps)
  • Make-up. (Detention Ponds) Collect HW#10.

15th Week

  • Make-up (Detention Ponds). Review for Exam#3
  • Exam#3. (Syllabus- whole course curriculum).