An area where SASWE Group has made a contribution to engineering education, public outreach and engagement is Cinematography. The films below show the range and variety of multi-media products that have been developed by SASWE group over a decade. These range from student-made films at Student Film Contest, docu-fictions, documentaries and recruitment videos.

In 2013, SASWE group directed and produced ‘RISING TIDE’, which is a highly successful and Hollywood style movie. RISING TIDE represents a Fulbright and USAID-sponsored docu-fiction to popularize how satellite technology positively impacts the social fabric of inhabitants in delta nations. Using the vehicle of multi-media entertainment and a real-life scenario, an alternative approach to illuminating the societal relevance of water, sustainability and satellites for the environment was experimented with.

The next big film with more stunts, thrill and aerial shots (from UAVs) was launched in 2015, titled “BAY OF HOPE.” Bay of Hope was selected for the 8th Eco-Film Festival in Malaysia-2015.

The largest budget documentary ‘COTTON FIELDS FROM THE IVORY TOWER’ was then made and released in June 2017 with a lot of support from SASWE Group partners in the developing world and sponsoring agencies.

SASWE Group’s current production rate of movies is about 1 every 2 years. We are currently looking to accelerate this through more investment and a business plan. One strategy is to hold bi-annual UW Student Film Contest for STEM majors to explore ARTS (and therefore STEAM) and empower students to tell their stories. Such Student Film Contest for STEAM is perhaps the first in the nation and it began in 2017.  Student-made films for the UW Film Contest can be seen here.