At University of Washington

CEE 599 Satellite Remote Sensing for Water Resources (Fall/Spring)
CEE 599 Quantitative Water Resources Management (Winter)
CEE 599 Engineering Applications of Climate and Weather
TESC 453 Environmental Remote Sensing (Spring)
Overview of Water Resources Engineering Recruitment Video on Water Resources Graduate Program

At Tennessee Technological University

CEE 6910 – CEE Graduate Seminar Series
CEE 6840Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing
CEE 6430Probabilistic Methods in Hydrosciences
CEE 4440Water Resources Engineering (SPRING)
CEE 4420Hydrology (FALL)
CEE 6440Hydrometeorology (FALL)
CEE 3420Hydraulics (SPRING)
CEE 3100Computers in Civil Engineering (SPRING)
CEE 1020Connections to Civil and Env. Engineering
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