Coastal Vulnerability (Belmont IGFA Forum) – Drs. CK Shum (Lead) and a consortium of investigators from universities/agencies of Germany, France, Australia and USA

Current Collaborative project – Collaborative Research – Bangladesh Delta: Assessment of the Causes of Sea-level Rise Hazards and Integrated Development of Predictive Modeling Towards Mitigation and Adaptation (BanD-AID)

Global Health and Hydrology (University of Washington and OSU) – Drs. Judy Wasserheit, Judd Walson, Dennis Lettenmaier (UCLA)

Current Collaborative project – Collaborative Research – Better WASH through a earth-observation and modeling based rain water harvesting system for rural communities

Human Impacts of Weather and Climate Drs. Ruby Leung (PNNL), Cliff Mass (UW), Dev Niyogi (Purdue U), Alfred Kalyanapu (TTU), Rezaul Mahmood (WKU), Josh Durkee (WKU),Hyongki Lee (UH); American Society of Civil Engineers-ASCE

Current Themes – Dams, Cities, Engineered Water Systems and Impacts on Extreme Weather/Climate; PMPs and PMFs for design and risk assessment of large water management infrastructures. Extending the operational use (nowcasting and forecasting) of Radar Altimetry, SAR, inSAR and GRACE for water management in the developing world

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL; JPL-NASA, University of Houston, Ohio State University

Current Collaborative project – SERVIR-Himalaya and SERVIR-Mekong- Empowering people of South and Southeast Asia with better access and understanding of satellite earth observations

Ohio State University – Drs. Mike Durand, Rodrigo Pava, Douglas Alsdorf

Current Collaborative project – SWOT Mission: Investigating Interferometric Measurements and nadir Altimetry for Discharge Estimation in complex river delta environments.


Current Collaborative project – Commercialization and scaling up of earth observation based flood inundation mapping technology for flood prone inhabitants


University of Colorado, Purdue University and University of Georgia – Drs. Roger Pielke Sr., Dev Niyogi and Marshall Shepherd, respectively

Current Collaborative project – Understanding the modification of Extreme Precipitation Hydroclimatology by Artificial Reservoirs (ENDED May 2011)

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Laboratory of Atmospheres and Hydrologic Sciences Branch – Drs. Robert Adler (ESSIC), Christa Peters-Lidard and George Huffman

Current Collaborative project – NASA New Investigator Program: Advancing the hydrologic potential of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission (ENDED May 2010)

TTU and University of Connecticut (Dr. A.C. Bagtzoglou)
Current Collaborative Project – Non-Structural Pollution Avoidance using data fusion, neural networks and contaminant transport knowledge (ENDED May 2009)

University of Connecticut – Dr. Emmanouil N. Anagnostou

Project Title- Investigating the optimality criteria of satellite rainfall datasets for overland hydrologic application. (ENDED January 2011)

NASA-Goddard Laboratory of Atmospheres and University of Mississippi, University of Connecticut – Dr. Lance Yarbrough
Project Title- Rapid Prototyping Capability experiments on GPM to assess its potential for flood mapping. (ENDED July 1, 2008)

NASA-Goddard Laboratory of Atmospheres and University of Mississippi, Dartmouth University, Marshall Space Flight Center, SSAI – Dr. Greg Easson
Current Collaborative project- Rapid Prototyping Capability experiments on GPM to assess its potential for SERVIR applications in MesoAmerica (Hurricane Stan in Guatemala). (ENDED May 31, 2008)